Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Knit Knit Knnniiittttttttttinggggg

So as I have been on grandma guard this week I still have been knitting a lot . My wrist is hurting a bit today from knitting so much. So its time to pull out the wrist brace for awhile. Its quite annoying but something I dealt with a lot.

So with my knitting I have finished on wip. I finished the Little Ruff that I have been working on.

I do like it I think I look rather silly when wearing it. But I think it will go better with a coat and hat and all the other things I wear in the winter so it will be put away untill then. But I am still not sure about the button I put on it. I love the button but I am not sure if it is for this or not. So I am going to think on that for awhile unless I come across another button that speaks to me.

I also have been working on my Pink Socks. I have gotten some of the heel done but I need to take a break from it for awhile. I hope when I get my Knit Picks dpns that they are stronger than the metal ones I have now. Because one of them has gotten quite curved during the knitting. Its annoying but if I would have been using wooden ones they probably would have been broken by now.

But the sock is coming along but I probably wont knit more on it until my wrist feels a little better because I am knitting this so tightly that I will probably have more trouble with it than I already was.

Also because I need a break from the sock I cast on a new project. Its the Cherry Bomb Tank from Big Girl Knits book. I decided to do this tank because I felt it was time to step up my knitting game. One of my knitting goals is to eventually knit a sweater so I thought I would start with something a bit easier. I should be able to do this pattern because its basically stocking stitch and some basic shaping. So maybe I'll even be able to get it done before the summer so I can still wear it. But I was thinking that if it fits I probably could wear something under it when it gets cold and it could double as a vest and its wool so it will probably be warm. If it is to warm I will just save it and wear it like a vest instead of a tank.

Also today I got a surprise in the mail. Some amazing knitting needles I forgot I ordered. lol
But these just arnt any old knitting needles. They are light up knitting needles for knitting in the dark! I got these because I couldn't resisted the idea of light up needles! Plus they are pretty bight and I think they would work in the dark. So I could sit outside on my porch at night and knit without the light on. We get so many bugs when it gets warm it just ruins sitting outside at night. Which I love to do.

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Marie said...

Keep the button. I love how it contrasts with the ruffly green goodness.
And those needles are so neat!