Friday, May 30, 2008

Doing my part to stimulate the economy.

What does that mean you ask??

Buying a bunch of stuff off of knit picks with my stimulus check that I got from the government.
I scored a bunch of great stuff and since I don't have kids or anything that important to spend the money on I thought why not.

Here is the swag I got.
The set of Options needles because I keep hearing that they are a-m-azing. I also ordered some extra cables for it. They also send you 2 cables with each one that is awesome! I also got the 2-at-a-time Socks book. Which I really want to learn because I know that I will have second sock syndrome if I ever finish this first one.
And I got a bunch of different yarns to try out because I have never used any of there yarns before and they are so cheap compared to most yarn. Especially the sock yarn and if you notice in the photo there are 2 skeins of sock yarn that I order the Gloss sock yarn and a skein of Essential sock yarn. But I did not order 2 skeins of either of these! I don't know what I was thinking but I will have to order so more and hope that I get the same dye lot. *fingers crossed*

Also got some yarn to make a pair of Mrs Beeton's. I got that red skein (Merino Style in Holly Berry) to go with that fluffy stuff (Suri Dream in Wildflowers) for it because it looked more red on the picture on the site but I think the purple stuff (Swish DK in Eggplant) will go with it better.

I think my favorite skein other than the fluffy stuff is the dark red skein. (Andean Treasure in Embers) I love it! It is so soft but it is baby alpaca so I guess it should be.

My other new recent treasure are a set of sock blockers! They are so pretty I love them. I got them on eBay from Chappy's Fiber Arts and Crafts.
They are really great and will put the cut out you want in them and they have a whole bunch to choose from. They also left me feedback really fast which is always nice.

The only thing is I think I got the wrong size. I ordered the size for my shoe size but I put the sock that I am currently knitting onto them and the sock is to big for it. So I guess I should have got the large instead of the medium. But they will look nice hanging on the wall even if I can't use them.

I still have been knitting my current 2 wips. Even though it may seem like I have just been shopping. Thats the bad part about the internet it so easy to spend a lot of money really fast. Just click click click done. Especially with paypal because you don't even have to get the card out to use it so there is nothing to slow you down.

Here is some sock progress. after this picture I have started working on the heel flap but I haven't got that far yet. I am hoping to get a good bit of it done this weekend because I will be in the car to 3 to 4 hours 2 days this weekend and I will not be the one driving so that is prime knitting time.
Also going to a graduation. Is it rude to knit at a graduation?? There will be a lot of people there that I don't know and have no idea who I am and will never see again so do I go for it? But will my dad get mad and give me that red faced look of anger?
I will probably just give it a go and see how it turns out. I'll take the sock if I can do it and still pay attention to the ceremony if not I can take the Little Ruff I am working on it is a pretty mindless pattern.

What I have learned from sock knitting so far with just this much done?? Don't use this yarn again for socks! The yarn splits a lot and I always loose one or 2 of the little strings. And you can see them poking out if you look at this picture close enough. But don't because that is my pasty foot.

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