Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Current Projects

hat This is the Sock Head Hat that I am working on. Its a slouchy hat made out of sock yarn. I choose to make this hat because I love a lot of sock yarn but I haven't really been that good at making socks. They always take me forever and then I never want to make the 2nd sock.


I am liking this hat so far but it is a little tight. I should have cast on more stitches. When I am finished I am going to block it and that should help because its is only a little tight. 

The yarn is Pagewood Farm Denali Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in the colorway Grapejuice. I really like the purple and pinks. The two main things I am knitting right now are purple and pink. 

sock head hat 

Huge Tarn Puff

Untitled by Winter_1983
Untitled, a photo by Winter_1983 on Flickr.
Right now I am knitting a huge thing. A huge knitted puff. A huge knitted puff made out of Tarn. Tarn is yarn made from t-shirts in case you didn't know. Here is my huge knitted puff knitted out of tarn.

I am making this out of purple, black, and pink t-shirts. Every stripe is a different t-shirt.

It still has a ways to go because it is suppose to be 70 inches long.

When I finally reach 70 inches I will sew the short sides together then cinch up to the top and bottom and stuff it with a duvet.
I am hoping my duvet will be big enough but we will see.

I am also going to need more shirts. I bought some over the weekend thinking that would be enough but they are not going to be.

I am also worried it might be to heavy. Its getting heavy already.

Even if it is big and heavy I think it is going to be awesome!

Huge Tarn Puff Rave page.