Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Summer is for KNITTING.

I have decided that this summer the summer of 2008 will be for knitting.
I really just started knitting this year before that I was loom knitting for a while but I really buckled down with a dvd and learned. Then I took a beginners class at my university.
Also because of that class the teacher of it and myself started a knitting group on campus. The name of it is ssk saluki student knitters. We choose that because our mascot is the Saluki dog.

So anyway knitting is going to be my main craft this summer. I really want to enhance my skills and do projects that evolve something new each time that I haven't done. I plan to make a tank top but I'm not sure if the yarn I have for it is right. I was just going to use Cascade 220 in lime heather but I'm wondering if it is to scratchy. I am going to have to think about it before I just jump in because I want to be able to wear it. But I would much rather just jump in but I don't want to do a bunch of work and then it is unwearable against my skin.

Since this is going to be the summer of knitting this is what I am currently working on.
My first project is a pair of socks. This is my first pair of adult sized socks and I was really excitied to start making them but I'm not sure if this one is going to work out. I some mistakes in it and I am only in the first few inches of the cuff and I think the needles I am using are to small so the fabric is really tight. Also I am not sure if it is going to fit or not. Because I've never made a sock before so I don't know if it is big enough for my big girl calves. I am using 2 patterns for this sock. I using the Basic Sock Recipe by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and the measurement stuff from the book Sensation Knitted Socks. Since this picture I have knitted like 2 more inches on it.

I had to add this second picture because I have a lot more done than the first one and I couldn't stand to leave it at that. Here is what I have done as of right now. Sorry for the crappy pic my camera is dead and I took this one with my phone.

I do have to admit that sock knitting is more daunting that I thought it would be. Its going to take a long time to knit these socks but I am going to keep plugging away.

The other wip I have is called Little Ruff and it is from the book One Skein Wonders. I am knitting it in a worsted green Malabrigo yarn. I love this yarn! This is the first nice yarn I ever purchased. I got it a couple of years ago at a lovely shop in Chicago called Nina. This was in the days before the area I live in had a yarn shop. Before then the only place to buy yarn was at box stores and most of it is crappy acrylic.

As you can see from the photos that this is going much faster than my current sock. Probably because I am using the right sized needles and I am using one of my lovely pairs of addi's.

This is all I have for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll post about some FOs that I have finished and the new sock blockers that I just got in the mail.
If a few days I will also have an order coming in from knit picks so stay tuned for that.

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