Sunday, January 07, 2007

About Me For My Swap Partners.

I am a 23 year college student. I am currently majoring in welding but after I finish that I will be finishing my degree in Fine Arts. I do painting and photography a lot and am willing to swap art work.

I have one cat and one lazy beagle dog. I love animals of all kinds. I like panda bears a lot too.
I listen to all kinds of music. There is no type of music that I dont like a little of. I also love pepsi and pepsi memorabilia but its hard for me to find much.

I love movies! All kinds of movies

-Blues, purples, greens are my favs but I like all colors usually except orange and yellow

-Anything from India or looks like its from India (including I love the fabrics used in there traditional clothing and all the sequins and color.


-chandlier/dangliy earrings


-Anne Rice books

-50's women with naughty sayings

-suhsi things like pillows, jewerly, and rapping paper

- old style tatoo flash

Dislikes/things I loath

-fake flower arrangements


-the scent of cucumber melon

-annoying people

Crafts I can do
-Jewerly: mostly things with beads but also some hemp jewerly too
-Mosiacs: I can put a mosiac on almost anything
-Loom Kitting:I am okay at I can make a hat or scarf with not problem lol
-Real knitting: just learn like yesterday for real
-Marble Magnets
-stenciling/painting on clothing/shoes
-stained glass
-Thats all I can think for right now.

To learn more about me as if you wanted to check me out here

and here

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