Thursday, October 09, 2008

Getting ready for winter!

So I have been knitting but its seems like I haven't finished that much.
I'm still working on the never ending pink socks. I finished the first one a long time ago but I have a good amount of second one done. I want to get this done for winter because they are so dense the I think I'll be able to still wear my favorite shoes even in the snow with these socks. So we will see. I don't have a pic of the second sock but I have so many of the first one and they look just the same so I don't think I need any in progress shots of it. But I will have many whenever I get them finished!

I have also knit a new hat for myself this winter. Its from the movie the golden compass and its based on one of the hats that Lyra in the movie wears. This pic isn't very good its pretty yellow. I will take some new pics later for it.

I really love this hat and for most people it would have probably to many colors but for me its great. I love things that are multicolored that is why I used this yarn for the hat.

This hat had a long starting process. I started working on it before I even moved but I didn't like it. The hat is supposed to be knit with really big yarn so you can see the stitches and I did have they yarn all together so it would be at that point but I have learned that I do not like to knit with really big yarn. I have learn that from this project and the bathmat project I have been working on. So I scrapped that and unwound all the yarn from each other and balled it all up again separately 4 different strands. So then I just put 2 together and knit it in a smaller gauge.

For this hat I used Gedifra Fashion Trend Fino Stripe yarn in colorway 4666. I also used Knit Picks Swish DK in the storm color to add a whole color threw the hat. I turned out well because the blue worked well with all the other colors in the multi yarn.

I have also started a scarf. I want to have a new scarf when it get colder here so I started the
Shifting Sands Scarf by Grumperina and I am using Malabrigo Yarn in the worsted weight. The color is burgandy but just saying burgandy doesn't describe it very well. It is a deep rich red color. It is lovey, soft, and shiny like all Malabrigo is. So when this scarf is actually big enough to see I'll take some pics of that.

That is what I have been up to on the knitting front. I have been so busy with my photography class this semester that is really all I have been doing. On the plus side of that I enter an art show that we had on campus over parents weekend and my photography I put in won first place. Here is a picture of it with its lovey ribbon.

It is a photo of a pair of high heels set on fire. For my class we had to take pictures of things that are cliches but in a new way. So I gathered up a whole bunch of stuff and set it on fire. This idea turned out really well and I really love a lot of the pictures that I took for it and by the looks of it other people did it.

One last knitting note. Now that I have moved I have my own little place to keep my yarn stash that I feel is rather cute. Here is a photo of it when it was nice and orderly. It does not look like that now but oh well.

The shelf that it is in I painted myself about a year ago and when I moved it found a new home. Also I think it is a good use for my weird hallway in this apartment.

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